Do you love the sight of beach? Every one wants to include the visit to beach in their vacation [Beach vacation]. Beaches trip include swimming, surfing and other sea games. But, the sight of the shark is very terrifying, which no one wants to experience. Before visiting any beach, you will forget about the danger levels and just think about the beach enjoyment [Wonderful beach trips].

shark infested beaches

There are many unrecognized beaches in the world which have a frequent traffic of sharks. But, there are many popular beaches which have frequent visits of the sharks. These beaches are very popular and famous for its swimming, surfing and other water games.

Dangerous shark infested beaches:

Do you love to swim with the sharks? Swimming is the favorite pass time for the tourists who visit beaches. If you feel threatened at the beach how you will enjoy your vacation? So, when selecting a beach, see that the beach is safe and does not have any shark threats.

Sharks do not know the difference between the food and the human being. Any thing moving in the water is understood as food by the sharks. The famous shark infested beaches are

New Smyrna beach, Florida- United States: This is known as the shark capital of the world beaches. This beach has the largest population of the black tip sharks, tiger sharks and spinner sharks. The large population of the sharks is due to the large population of people who love to swim in the beach. The laid-back atmosphere at the beach is the main reason of tourist population and this is the reason for traffic of the sharks.

Gansbaai, South Africa: This is a small fishing village near to the Cape Town. This is also known as the ‘shark’s alley’ and have the largest population of the white sharks. The shark’s population was consistent for many years and still continuing. Many ocean freaks love to adventure in this sea. Therefore, they get into the cages and are left into the sea. They have a face-to-face look at the sharks which roam in the sea.

Kahana, west Maui, Hawaii- United States: 40 species of sharks are inhabited in this sea. You can see abundant number of nurse sharks and tiger sharks in this sea where they have made this sea waters as their homes. Sharks do not tend to attack the humans directly, but when humans surf or swim in the ocean water, they are mistaken as food source and attack them.

North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii- United States: The North shore has recorded the highest number of the sharks and its attacks. Oahu is recorded as the second highest number of attacks in the Hawaii Island chain. This North Shore has the largest amount of sharks that the tourism development has included a separate section for viewing the sharks. Bold and brave ocean freaks can get into the cages for leaving into the sea for having bird’s eye view of the shark.

Brisbane – Australia: This is the area where the sharks come to the shore for giving birth to the baby sharks. You can see the aggressive bull sharks which come to the shore for giving birth. The area is well known for the sharks and its attacks. East coast is famous for the shark encounters, while the southern coast is famous for the victims.


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