When Dubai comes up in conversation, the first thing comes to mind is extravagance. However the savvy traveler knows how to find the same experience for pennies. Dubai is home to some of the most beautiful public beaches in the world. Be sure to include these in your travel plans.

Beaches-in-DubaiResort Beaches

Many of the beaches in Dubai are reserved for the exclusive use of resort guests. However, many of these resorts will allow non guests to visit their beaches, for a small fee. Don’t be afraid to ask about this opportunity, which must be a part of any cheap Dubai holiday package .

Al Mamzar Beach

This blue flag beach boasts incredible views and soft sands. It hosts five coves with beaches. These each sport their own public changing areas and showers. For those beachgoers looking for more privacy, there are cabanas available for rent. Some even include grilling facilities. Lounge chairs and umbrellas are also available to rent. There are lifeguards on duty and swimming pools available, as well as cafes and shops. Mamzer Beach does charge a nominal entrance fee.

Kite Beach/Woollongong Beach

Earning its first name from the kite surfers who hang out here, this beach provides gret entertainment for those who wish to watch, or a great place to test one’s kite surfing skills. where kite surfers congregate and its great fun to watch them or have a go yourself. Woollongong Beach as it is also called, is located near the University of Wollongong. There are no amenities here as there are at some of the other public beaches, it is the kite surfing and the stunning views of the Burj Al Arab that make this beach so enticing

Burj Beach

It is possible to walk from Kite Beach to the Burj Al Arab. Along the way, as the shoreline widens out, Kite Beach gives way to Burj Beach. This area is still a public beach, and there are often sports happening here. Volleyball, football, and surfing are here for the joining. There is plenty of space for just laying out in the sun as well. As the Burj Al Arab nears, the beach becomes private again, but this long stretch is available to all.

Jumeirah Open Beach

This free public beach boasts the clear water, white sand and palm trees that Dubai is famous for. It also hosts many amenities for its guests, including bathrooms and showers, changing areas, and snack vendors. For something a bit more formal, restaurants and cafes are located nearby. For the sportsmen and women, Jumeirah Open Beach also offers a bike and jogging path. After taking exercise, many visitors might chose to sit down and enjoy the amazing view of the Dubai skyline.

Hidden Beach

Owing to its fascinating and diverse marine life, this secluded spot is a fantastic space for snorkeling. The price paid for free admission is the lack of amenities and lifeguards, but the space away from the crowds and beautiful views more than make up for this.

It is possible to have the exclusive Dubai beach experience at cheap Dubai holiday prices. Enjoy these beach experiences, and save your pennies for another day.


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