Paying with credit cards for a reservation is a major trend in lodging at the moment.

It is easier for the establishments that have a history to incorporate this new method into their services than in case of the new establishments.

This is because they have a higher risk associated. In order for a hotel to be able toaccept credit cards for reservations there is a set of rules that need to be taken into consideration.

Guaranteed Reservations

The focus of these rules evolves around the program known as Guaranteed Reservation. The main point is that the room is paid for in advance.

As a result there will be a hotel room available for the customer in question starting with the time of the check in and until checkout.

In case the customer cancels the reservation before 6 p.m. on the day of the arrival the hotel doesn’t have the right to charge any extra fees.

In other cases there will be a charge equivalent to the price of a one night stay.

How to manage the payments?

The procedure of processing credit cards for motels starts with explaining to the customer the terms of the program.

The customer must have information regarding the authorization check to make sure that there are sufficient funds on the card and he or she also has to find out about the cancellation fee.

After this the information of the customer is gathered and the reservation is confirmed. The customer must receive a confirmation number. If the reservation is made through the phone, the customer must receive an email containing all this information.

The customer has the right to cancel the reservation. If this is the case the request needs to be processed by the hotel and the customer must receive a cancellation number. If there is no cancellation, a registration card has to be prepared before the arrival of the customer that has a room number assigned to it.

Upon the arrival of the customer he or she must receive a room according to the reservation. If there are no vacant rooms, the customer must get a comparable room at another location for one night without any additional fees. Transportation should also be taken care of and the customer should be able to use the phone for at least three minutes. If there is no cancellation but the customer doesn’t arrive, the hotel can charge a no-show fee.

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