Paris is probably one common place on the wish list of all travel lovers. But not everybody really plans to visit the popular city due to budget constraints. It is true that Paris is among the most expensive cities to visit in the world but who said that you can’t steal a trip, even on a budget limitation? You don’t necessarily have to break the bank to visit the lovely museums, get on top of the Eiffel Tower or soak in the beauty of the world’s most romantic place.

Musee Carnavalet, Paris

Following some of the following given tips and suggestions will result in a wonderful Paris trip on budget:

Find cheap flight and train tickets to Paris

One of the first things to keep in mind before planning to visit Paris is to book months in advance. Flight and train fares are soaring and under these circumstances, booking in advance cuts down on a lot of travelling charges. Make sure you either compare the flight or train prices on a number of online travel booking sites or try to steal the best deals from your travel agent.

Travel during the off season

Since Paris is so popular, the number of tourists visiting the city in the summer is very high and due to this, summer months are the expensive months to travel.  The beauty of Paris doesn’t reduce a bit in the low season and well it’s a lot cheaper too! Infact visiting Paris during winters will help you avoid waves of crowd and tourists as well.

Use buses and metro

Paris is known all over the world for its excellent public transportation system. So one thing that you must remember while in Paris is to make the most of the buses, underground metro system and avoid using taxis. The Hop-On, Hop-off bus tours are not expensive and get you around the city at a rather fair sum. The Underground metro has amazing connectivity and is the best option for those visiting Paris on a budget restriction. You can purchase a three day or 5 day transport bus in advance as it helps you cut down on costs.

Budget sightseeing

Just because Paris is known as a destination of fashion and luxury doesn’t make it an expensive sightseeing place.  Many museums, art galleries, cathedrals are free of cost. So if you are on a tight budget, you don’t really need to compromise on anything and get to see the best of the city. Infact it is best if you make prior reservations for some of the paid monuments or sites so as to save a few bucks.

Save on hotels and eating out

It is better to opt for a budget accommodation for your stay in Paris rather than choosing an expensive hotel. The space in the rooms is almost the same and this helps to save a lot of money too. Try eating out at cafes rather than restaurants of posh hotels. Paris street food is pretty popular and surely fills your stomach just as a meal at a fancy restaurant does. And moreover, isn’t it more adventurous as well?


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