Maldives has turned out into a vacationer’s paradise over the past decade and continues to attract tourists from across the world. From lavish water-villa resorts to underwater rooms and from beautiful beach side restaurants to several water sports to offer, Maldives is a beautiful country to visit.

But it is important to remember that Maldives in no way is a cheap destination to travel to since the cost of accommodation along with flight charges can really squeeze that last buck out of your pocket. If you are seeking to travel to Maldives on a budget, then worry not because we have got a bunch of tips to make this possible.

tips to travel maldives on a budget

1. Book in Advance

The first tip to follow is to make your flight and hotel bookings in advance. The sooner you book, the lesser you would have to pay. Plan your trip atleast a few months prior to going and try to get as many bookings as possible.

2. Look for Cheaper Accommodations

While it is true that Maldives mostly has very expensive resorts and hotels but this doesn’t mean that it does not offer any reasonably priced places to stay. If you have good research skills, then you will be able to find several affordable bungalows, hotels and guesthouses which charge fairly and provide decent facilities and amenities as well.

3. Travel Economy

It is not always necessary to fly first class, no matter how luxurious your holiday destination is. To save on your hard earned money, look for an economy class flight ticket in a cheaper airline as this can really help you stay within budget.

4. Find Cheaper Transport

There are many cheaper transport methods to travel within Maldives. Rather than taking expensive jets, opt for local ferries which not only help you get close in touch with locals but also prove easy on the pocket.

5. Find Cheaper Food

Rather than eating out in the resort restaurant or expensive restaurants; try to find cheaper food eateries. You won’t have trouble finding out local restaurants which are not just affordable but offer amazingly delicious food. This is definitely better than paying $10-15 per meal per person at your resort or hotel.

6. Avoid Unnecessary Water Sports

If your hotel or resort package doesn’t include water sports, then it is better to avoid engaging in any unnecessary ones. Not only will they prove to be very expensive but some of them are not even worth the money and time. Go only for certain exclusive water sports if you are interested in them at all.

7. Avoid Expensive Spas at Hotel

when people head to Maldives, they do so with the idea of relaxing and the best way to do so is by getting a spa done. If you wish to avail a spa treatment, then it is best to avoid the in-hotel spas which can prove very expensive. Rather, you must try and search for local spa places which offer brilliant massages and spa treatment and that too at much cheaper rates.


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