In spite of sky high prices of most things and escalating levels of cost of living, we all need a time off from the busy hustle bustle of life to unwind and enjoy too. What better way to go vacationing than sailing off on a cruise ship with your loved ones and exploring all the places that the ship pulls up in port?

But then, we would all like to save up on things that can be managed at a cheaper or more competitive cost and with proper planning, there is a large scope of saving on your next cruise trip. Here are a few tips to help you save some precious pennies and get the best out of your cruise trip.

best out of your cruise trip

  • Remember that a cruise liner will charge extra, at least 10 times more than the usual cost of alcoholic beverages. Some cruise ships will provide you beverage options as day plans where you can have unlimited beverages like juices and water. But buying alcoholic beverages on the ship is sure to burn a hole in your pocket. Carry your own wine if you are planning to celebrate something on the ship. Even with the corkage that you pay on the table, you will still be dishing out a smaller amount than what you would if you bought your drinks on board.
  • Stay away from that satellite phone in your cabin unless it is an emergency call you need to make. The charge per call for such a phone is high and if you can do without making that call, then you could at least spend that saved amount on enjoying activities and shopping on the ports.
  • Do not waste money on a luxury cabin in a cruise liner. In any case you will not be spending much time holed up in the cabin. Save money by going for a normal cabin instead.
  • Wherever possible, search for a cruise trip that will offer you free travel for kids with adults. Many cruise ships offer such discounts. Search or them before making your travel plans.
  • Most cruise ships have a gym on board. If you are an exercise enthusiast then hit the gym. However make sure you are making use of the low budget packages and not going during the peak times when the charges for gym usage will be high.

Enjoy your next cruise vacation at its best holding on to these useful tips.


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