Most people think they know what to expect when they take a cruise vacation.

There will be lots of food, fun, games, entertainment and making port at exotic destinations.

Did you know that you can find a cruise with a theme?

There are a variety of cruises that have unique themes and can add a little more spice to an already good time.

A Tribute to Forty Years of the Beatles

In 2004 Radisson Seven Seas Cruises hosted a tribute to 40 years of Beatles music. A tribute band was hired and passengers were serenaded by such songs as “Yellow Submarine,” “Hey Jude” and “Eight Days a Week.”

If you were lucky enough to be on this cruise you probably had your fill of Beatles classics. No word on if they plan to repeat this theme cruise in the future.

Seatrek Cruises by Genesis Productions

For more than eleven years Trekkies could indulge themselves in everything Star Trek. Passengers thrilled to meeting their favorite characters such as Chekov, Sulu and “Bones.”

This themed cruise has sailed into its final frontier and it is almost certain that the Trekkies truly miss it.

Caviar Cruise

Regent Seven Seas Cruises caters to those that love to lap up luxury with their caviar themed cruise. When you have to choose between champagne and first class vodka to go along with your caviar while you cruise on the Black Sea, it’s easy to see why discriminating cruisers would love this boat to once again set sail.

Cabaret at Sea

The Mabel Mercer Foundation is in complete control of the Crystal Cruises Cabaret at Sea. The featured performers are veterans of cabaret, shining stars of the Broadway stages and Jerry Herman, a composer and lyricist.

If you are a fan of musical interpretations and Broadway greats, this is the themed cruise for you.

Slayer Cruises by Genesis Productions

For fans of blood, guts and gore, the Slayer Cruise theme will fit the bill. You can meet and greet your favorite celebrities from the shows “Angel” and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

The Slayer Cruise typically sails the coastline of Alaska and attracts a wide range of fans.

Murder Mystery Cruise

In keeping with more traditional fare, the Murder Mystery Cruise is truly a journey to die for. It features experts on supernatural happenings as well as ghosts.

Follow the trail of the infamous Jack the Ripper and visit other locations said to be haunted around the United Kingdom.


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