vacation spotsMany green minded travelers love to spend their vacation in eco-friendly vacation spots.

If you are in a dilemma where to go for your eco-friendly vacation, here are a list of four vacation spots that could provide you the feel and experience you have been searching for.


Both amazing Central American jungles and interesting Caribbean Sea makes Belize a perfect blend of both worlds.

It attracts more than 850,000 travelers every year to explore the mysteries of Maya sites like spotting a wild tropical bird in the birdwatchers paradise.


Offering generous climate to travelers, Ecuador rests fairly on the equator. It includes deep Amazon lush forestry that makes an excellent eco-friendly alternative for green travelers. Unlike other places, in Ecuador seasons are defined more by rainfall instead of temperature.


Mexico is another eco-friendly destination that offers the most memorable traveling experience for a life time.

You can enjoy parrot screech and monkey growls in thick green forests of Mexico at Palenque. On the other side you can also enjoy turquoise waves of pacific and palm fringed sizzling sandy beach at Puerto Rico.


Queensland, Australia is another wonderful green holiday destination for eco-friendly vacations. Tropical islands, lush thick rainforests and pristine beaches are the main attractions of this particular eco-friendly vacation spot.


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