If you’d like to explore the wonderful Burgundy region in France, one of the most enjoyable ways of doing it is to take a cruise down the lovely Saone River. Many travellers who take a Saone River cruise combine it with a cruise of the popular Rhone River as it flows through picturesque Provence and down to the south.

Most trips down the Saone stop at the town of Macon, which is home to the Old St. Vincent Cathedral which was built in the sixth century. You can visit the Abbey of St. Philibert in the town of Tournus, which dates back to the 10th century. Another interesting site in the town is the Burgundian Museum as it opened in 1929 and features traditional furniture, costumes, and vineyard tools from the region’s local homes.

When you reach Burgundy’s wine capital of Beaune, you can visit the 15th-century Hospices de Beaune, which used to be a charity hospital with a roof full of colourful glazed tiles, and also take a wine-tasting tour.

When the Saone River meets the Rhone River, you’ll find the fantastic city of Lyon. Here you’ll be able to visit Renaissance architecture and Roman ruins as well as taste the famous local cuisine.


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