If you never saw South Korea, you have never seen the true spirit of the Asian dream. The country where the culture is as much alive as it was thousands of years ago invites you to visit the pearl of the land, Seoul – the colorful soul of Asia.

Out of the multitude of picturesque places you can entertain your eyes and your soul with, the city gates from the 14th century leave you breathless with their beauty.

Beyond them lies a magical world filled with tall skyscrapers and amazing temples shining their amazing spectacle and inviting the visitor to bow before religious tradition or the mighty evolution of the 21st centuries.

Seoul invites you to rejoice in the happy scenery of the colorful festivals among which is the historical ritual dance from Jongmyo, the annual celebration of Buddha’s birthday, the joyful occasion of seeing Lamaist monks dancing and last but not the least the amazing ritual of fan dancer’s festival.

Seoul offers you the best in scenery but also the very best in food, the traditional detoxing food is the dream comes true for anybody who needs to live a healthy life. The tradition calls here for tasting the best of the historical dishes known for transforming the “feared” pork into the most delicious but also healthy dish.

Heukdonga and Seogeulleongtang are only two of the most renowned restaurants where you can taste the delights of Seoul.


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