Many people love taking cruises on the worlds’ oceans and seaways, but river cruises can be just as spectacular. Here are some of the best river cruise destinations on the planet.

1. Canada – The Hudson and St. Lawrence Seaway

This route allows you to sail down Canada and New York’s most scenic waterways.

You’ll be able to check out the Montreal’s art museums and the ancient cobblestone walkways of historic Quebec City.

2. China – The Yangtze River

Most Yangtze River cruises combine land tours in places such as Xian, and Shanghai. The river is a lifeline for the lives of local people and has a long and storied history.

3. Egypt – The Nile River

This cruise allows passengers to take in fantastic views of ancient Egypt. You’ll be able to see the pyramids, the Sphinx, the Luxor Temples, and King Tut’s tomb.

4. Australia – The Murray River

The Murray River stretches from the beautiful mountains in Victoria down to Adelaide in the south. Along with the Darling River, which feeds it, the Murray is the longest river in Australia and seventh- longest on the globe.

The river has a history of travellers, including Aboriginal tribes as well as European traders and explorers.

5. Peru – The Amazon River

Some regions of the Amazon River can only be reached by plane or ship, so this cruise allows you to view some of the river’s most unexplored regions. You’ll be able to see some amazing wildlife such as sloths, pink dolphins, and capuchin monkeys.


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