A lot of people think that cruises are only suitable for single people, couples, and retired people. However, more and more families go on cruises. Parents usually believe that this is a special experience for their children. In order to make it a positive experience, there are some tips that the parents have to think about.

Tips when taking the kids on a cruise

Smart Packing

In case you are traveling with a small child, you shouldn’t forget about bottles, diapers, baby food and so on. Keep in mind that at one point you might be separated from your luggage for hours, so you should have the essentials in a tote bag with you. If you are lucky, the ship has portable cribs, so you won’t have to bring your own.

A Safe Cabin

For sure you have heard horror stories about children who fell off the balcony. For your peace of mind, you should talk to the children about safety, no matter how old they are. Better yet, you should book an interior room which is big enough for the entire family.

Family Cabin

Cruise ships are prepared for accommodating families, so they come with come larger cabins as well. The good thing is that you will have enough space, and the children’s accommodation comes with a discount. These cabins come with a bathroom and a half for the kids.


Usually the cruises offer organized activities for children, but these can’t possibly keep the child busy the entire day. In order for the parents to have some alone time, some cruises offer in-cabin babysitters for a fee.


In case the child doesn’t like the idea of being locked up in the cabin, usually the cruises offer organized activities for children during the night known as late night parties. The good thing is that the children will never know they are being babysit-ed.

Pick the Cruise

There are some special cruises that are meant to entertain children while their parents relax and have some fun. One of the cruises that you might like is Carnival. This is just like a camp with counselors and organized activities for the entire day.


We all know that Disney knows how to entertain children. In case of this cruise children will have the chance of meeting Mickey Mouse and MinnieMouse and to have activities with them all day. Even more, late night parties are organized to last until midnight, giving the parents some free time.


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