So many people travel every year from Britain to France and very few of them are aware of what implies a plane travel from one destination to the other when compared to a ferry travel.

Airports are usually crowded, luggage fees are high and the luggage amount extremely limited. You have to do the check-in 2 hours before departure and even if you do it online you still have to arrive early at the airport. Delays happen pretty often and you have very limited space to stretch your feet during the flight. When you land you have to rent a car to drive to the vacation spot of your choice,

If you choose to use a ferry service to travel from Britain to France the things are a lot different. You have to check in only 45 minutes prior to the ferry ride and of course you can board with your car. The beauty of this is that you can take as much luggage as your car can carry and also your pet. On the ferry you can rent a cabin to rest or you can take your kids to a play area. You have the possibility to enjoy French cooking and your young can stay online because there is free wi-fi on the ferry.

For more info regarding why should you consider ferry rides over plane travel when visiting France, take a look at the Infographic below.

Brittany Ferries


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