One of the most interesting and scenic river cruises in North America is along the Columbia River as it flows down the Oregon/Washington border from Portland, Oregon to Clarkston, Washington. The river offers fascinating culture and history as well as the rugged natural beauty and wildlife of Pacific Northwest area. You can also catch a riverboat that sails northward up the Snake River.

One of the highlights is the Columbia River Gorge as it cuts a path into the Cascade Range which is up to 4,000 feet in depth and 80 miles long. You will also be able to cruise through the locks of the Bonneville Dam. This famous site has been pumping out hydroelectric power ever since the 1930s. You’ll be able to view numerous waterfalls, including Multnomah Falls, which are 620 feet in height.

It’s possible to take a covered jet boat through Hells Canyon where you’ll be able to get a close-up look at some wonderful animals such as bighorn sheep, elk, and mountain goats here. When you reach Pendleton, Oregon, you may want to visit the underground tunnels that were dug from 1870 to 1930 and were often used for illicit types of businesses.

If you’d like to understand Native American cultures you can stop at the Tamastslikt Cultural Institute. There are also several sites that are associated with the famous explorers, William Clark and Meriwether Lewis. These include the Fort Clatsop National Memorial.


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