When it comes to running marathons, some people like to combine their love for running with their love for travel as there are numerous events held yearly all over the world. Some of the most popular are the International Egyptian Marathon, the 100-kilometer Pharaonic Race, and the Sharm El Sheikh Half Marathon which all take place on an annual basis in Egypt.

The marathon will take place in the popular city of Luxor on Jan. 28th, while the Pharaonic Race will be run in Cairo on Nov. 25th, and the half marathon will also run in Cairo on Mar. 11th. The marathon attracts close to 2,000 enthusiastic long-distance runners every year from about 36 different countries across the globe. The route of the race goes past the West Bank’s ancient and famous monuments as well as through local fields of sugar cane.

The marathon also sees participants in wheelchairs and on inline skates. Several former Olympic gold medallists have participated in the event over the years. This will be the 18th version of the marathon, the 10th anniversary of the Pharaonic Race and the fourth edition of the half marathon.


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