Everybody likes the idea of a cruise and of course everybody dreams of the experience of being treated like royalty while enjoying the freedom of the sea.

A cruise trip is more accessible that any of us might think or imagine. Most travelers focus only on the price and accommodation, which in many cases might be much more important.

Considering that during a period of time of 7-12 days cruise ship travels and stops in more ports, cities and resorts that one could possibly cover by car, you would say that this adventure is totally worth it.

Apart from this, traveling on the sea has a perfume of its own because having the ocean waters under your feet is quite a unique experience.

When going on a cruise you should know that the departure date is crucial not only as planning is concerned, you must absolutely be at the designated place and time at the departure date because exactly like the plane, the ship will not wait for you.

When setting the departure time from home, consider delays, rush hours, accidents and try to be on time. The most popular cruising packages come in the shape of fly & cruise and you have to first catch the plane and only after that, the boat.

In case you plan to go to the embarking port by car make sure you arrive in the city designated for departure a day early.

Keep in mind that every ship has its own hour and most of them operate on CET – Central European Time. Make sure that you are there at the right time by making the calculus. If you embark from a foreign country take the time difference under consideration.

Once arrived on board you will be given a card very similar to the one from the bank. Take good care of it, because it is your ticket to the bar and restaurant. Normally all the guests of the cruise receive one, so if you have children with you make sure you hold on to theirs for they might lose it.

Every evening you will receive the evening program in your room. From it you can learn about the next day and night entertainment and the next day menu, which is normally served in the central restaurant.

Most cruises have included “dining on the shore” evenings which you can take advantage of 2-3 times during your cruise trip.


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