There are a lot of fabulous rivers that run through the peaceful European countryside, but the Mosel River may be one of the least known. A good way to rectify this is to take a cruise down the river through the picturesque countries of Germany, Luxembourg and France. You can even combine it with a cruise of the famous Rhine River.


You’ll find the Mosel River sails past some of the most enchanting cities in Europe along with lush vineyards, charming medieval villages, and grand castles.

One of the highlights is the Reichsburg Castle, which sits on top of a hill and offers wonderful views of Cochem.

Another stop is in Zell, the area where the famous Riesling wines are made. From there you can visit the town of Bernkastel, and check out the market square and half-timbered houses. If you love history you’ll be thrilled to visit the 16th-century city of Trier, which is the oldest in Germany.

Trier used to be a Roman settlement and has a rich past. You’ll be able to see the fortified gate at Porta Nigra which was built in the original settlement. There are also several interesting Renaissance and Gothic monuments to explore.

Most cruises offer guided tours at each stop to share the local history and culture.


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