In case your next journey includes Utah’s National Parks and Monuments, just book a room to the best hotel there – The East Zion Thunderbird Lodge.

The hotel is located near the stunning nature and magnificent views of the National Park. The hotel is offering tours to the local attraction you should definitely see.

zion thunderbird lodge

Grand Staircase is located on 9 miles away from the hotel, while the famous Bryce Canyon is 60 miles away. The Sand Dunes of Utah are also nearby the hotel. The most travelers who go for a vacation in the nature would prefer calm and spacious hotels.

The Thunderbird Lodge is exactly the place for this matter. The room is large and displays the beautiful landmark outside. There is also private balcony or patio, which are desirable because guests often have their dinner there. It is because of the clean mountain air of East Zion and the stunning natural images.

Each room is equipped with climate control, contemporary design and TV/audio system. There is also wireless internet connection and fire lobby bar, surrounded by a wonderful restaurant.

Another reason to choose the hotel is its friendly atmosphere and fun attractions for your children, in case you are going to have a family vacation.


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