There is a really special destination for all the travelers that want to taste free spirit, culture and unforgettable parties and views. That destination isn’t a sea vacation or some popular island. It is a very special one, following the towns, eminent for their student life and great universities.

In case you want to taste the spirit of the young nation, just go to Athens in Georgia, where is located one of the most popular universities in the U.S. There the party certainly will be in the town’s famous club, Watt Club, where the music and the parties are every night of the week.

In case you are seeking an outdoor challenge and pleasant atmosphere, visit the Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. There the waterfalls, four state parks and suspension bridges are just part of the amazing experience you will gain.

In Boulder, where it is located the University of Colorado you will be surprised by the local breweries, where the party is nonstop.

Another famous destination, which combines culture, breathtaking views and amazing part life, is the Eugene in Oregon, where the University is popular with its student life and a lot of sport activities, contests and music festivals.


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