il fornelloFor visitors to Toronto’s Harbourfront region, there is a wealth of restaurants and is a hub of activity that comes alive in the evening.

Located on Lake Ontario’s northern shore there is great scenery and it is a unique setting to relax in and enjoy.

It is fast becoming a very trendy spot for both Canadians and international tourists who flock to the area every summer. A reservation is essential to avoid disappointment so be sure to have a few different eateries in mind just in case.

With its French influence coming to the fore, it is no surprise to find many restaurants specializing in, infamous crepes and other French delights. One example is Le Papillon which was recently proclaimed the best in the vicinity, with its extensive wine list and varied menu.

Food can be eaten from around the world as there are a variety of international chains with a restaurant in the Harbourfront area. IL Fornello is a very unique experience here, with an outstanding décor consisting of a large patio area lined with enormous glass doors.

Another popular eatery for all the family, which proclaims that every diner will get a brilliant view, is the Boathouse Bar & Grill.

For a more casual café vibe, the Lakeside Terrace provides the entire atmosphere with a more relaxed style. This is just one of the various places to eat in Queen’s Quay which is a historic part of Harbourfront.

For a taste of Canada, there is a place named after the famous athlete, Wayne Gretzy, which serves home style cooking at very reasonable prices. There is something for all tastes to enjoy here.


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