cruise experienceIf you are looking for a cruise experience like no other, consider taking one of Regent Seven Seas cruises.

Regent offers passengers unsurpassed luxury with service that is unrivaled.

The crew on each of the Regent’s ships happily serves each passenger with a smile and personalized attention you won’t find on any other cruise line.

Each of your whims and desires will be fulfilled as your spirit soars while you sail upon tranquil seas of unmatched beauty.

The Regent Seven Seas Cruise Experience

Passengers can customize a personal itinerary to match their unique notion of what a cruise should be. Shore excursions make sure that each guest has an authentic experience in every port of call.

Private arrangements will acquaint you with a skilled guide that will accompany you on unique expeditions. Their expertise will make clear to you the hidden treasures of each region you visit.

Regent avoids the touristy destinations where most other cruise lines lay anchor and take passengers to frontiers that have yet to be discovered by the masses.

Travel to Polynesia’s volcanic peaks, Alaskan fjords that seem frozen in time, Antarctica’s icy tundra and the rainforests of Central America. Regent aims to take passengers to out of the ordinary destinations around the globe.

Your Ports of Call

Travel to Africa, Alaska, India and the South Pacific. Choose an itinerary that will take you to the Caribbean Islands, Bermuda or Australia.

Regent Seven Seas Cruises offer a host of exciting destinations along with unique shore excursions. When you travel to Alaska you’ll dock in Ketchikan where you can book an expedition to take you sport fishing, take to the skies on a seaplane to see the misty fjords or explore the city with a trolley drawn by horses.

Travel to the ancient city of Al Bahrain located in the country of Bahrain which when translated means two seas. This refers to the water springs that are found in abundance here.

With inhabitants eking out a living since the ancient eras that have long since past, Bahrain is thought to be where the Garden of Eden from the Bible was located.

You can choose from excursions such as a Heritage Tour, exploring both ancient and modern Bahrain or participate in the excitement of Cocktails and Formula One or a V8 Supercar Racing Experience.

Discover for yourself the “seas” not yet traveled when you book a luxurious cruise with Regents Seven Seas. It will be an experience that will never be forgotten.


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