Brazil is known as one the most vibrant countries of South America. A part of thefast developing nations of the world, Brazil is loaded with natural and cultural treasures that lure thousands of tourists every year. Here are 10 things you must do while in Brazil.

1. Surfing in Itacare

Surfing in Itacare

Situated to the south of Salvador, this beach is the best of the best for surfers. Visit this beachside around July when the waves are strongest. Also around this time, the temperatures are balmy and do not get too hot.

2. Lazing in Paraty

Lazing in Paraty

Paraty is a small yet gorgeous colonial town set against the backdrop of the mountains and jungle. It isfrom here that you can head to the famous island Ilha Grande which is so green that there are no roads to walk on.

3. Basking in Florianopolis

Basking in Florianopolis

It is a quick escape for the urban Brazilians wanting to avoid winter, at least for a few days. From basking on the sunny beaches to partying at night you have a lot of activities to do at Florianopolis.

4. Bird Watching in Pantanal

Bird Watching in Pantanal

A jungle resort of sorts, Pantanal is the largest freshwater wetland in the world. There are a number of aquatic and terrestrial animals inhabiting Pantanal and is also a paradise for bird watchers. Some carnivores such as pumas and jaguars can be spotted easily during your stay here.

5. Sightseeing in Brasilia

Sightseeing in Brasilia

Best known as the futuristic city, Brasilia is known for its new age architecture and it is the only modern city to be honored as the UNESCO world heritage site. Make it a point to visit this city because it is very unlike the other modern cities of the world.

6. Rivers and Caves of Bonito

Rivers and Caves of Bonito

Bonito is a city surrounded by conservation area and pools of luminescent waters. The color and clarity of the waters in this region are attributed to the calcium deposits in the bedrocks of waterfalls, lagoons and springs that surround the city. Visiting Bonito and watching the spectacular marine life is a must for all tourists going to Brazil.

7. The Iguacu Falls

The Iguacu Falls

This is a cluster of falls consisting of 275 waterfalls and is an amazing view to be witnessed. The highest drop is the Garganta do Diabo and most visitors flock to this spot to get a glimpse of the soul stirring view.

8. Riding up to Christ the Redeemer

Riding up to Christ the Redeemer

Perched atop the Corcovado Mountain is this iconic symbol of Rio de Janeiro and of Brazil. It takes a cable ride to the peak to get the complete view of this astonishing monument. The 40 meter tall statue holds the distinction of being the 5th largest Jesus statue in the world.

9. A Lazy Evening at Ipanema

A Lazy Evening at Ipanema

An elitist beach in the heart of the city, this sea’s shore attracts every tourist from far and wide. The spot is famous for its portrayal of the urban skyline behind and the mountains beyond the horizon. People come here to enjoy a bottle of caipirinha as they soak in the beauty of the sea before them.

10. Shopping at Sao Paulo

Shopping at Sao Paulo

The modern city of Sao Paulo is known for its skyscrapers and giant shopping malls. Enjoy the city’s shopping extravaganza by the day and the vibrant nightlife at night.


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