If you get on the train in Kings Cross station in London, England and head north through the picturesque countryside you’ll come across the historic city of Peterborough as it lies on the banks of the River Nene. It’s about a 45 minute trip by train as it is 80 miles away.

The city has a rich history and a visit to the marvelous Peterborough Cathedral will allow you to witness and learn some of it.

This was the original burial place for two queens as Mary Queen of Scots and Katherine of Aragon was buried there. However, Queen Mary was later relocated to Westminster Abbey.

Henry the VIII had a set of tunnels built underneath the cathedral that led out into the countryside as it was used as an escape route in case of attack.

The township is home to the annual East of England arts show, the Key Theatre, a museum and art gallery, Burghley House, the Nene Valley Railway, Longthorpe Tower, and Nene Park.

The valley and railway with their excellent scenery are often used as shooting locations for major film productions.

The city of Peterborough is a cultural melting pot and you can find some excellent restaurants that serve food from just about anywhere in the world. The city is a shopper’s paradise at it is home to the Queensgate mall which is one of the biggest in England.

Soccer fans will also enjoy themselves at the home games of the local professional club, Peterborough United. The Phantoms ice hockey team is another favorite with fans and visitors alike.

Because of its proximity to London and its excellent train service, Peterborough is an excellent place to stay and make as a home base for a trip to England.


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