Baltimore, Maryland is a great destination for a holiday weekend or an extended visit.

It can be tough to decide what to see and do when you are in a new place with children along so here is a list of 5 must-see attractions for those that are planning to visit the Baltimore, Maryland area.

1: Port Discovery

This is a great family attraction. The little ones will enjoy a variety of hands on exhibits while parents may learn a thing or two themselves.

There are three floors for parents and children to discover such wonders as pyramid mysteries, a crane where children can relocate bales of hay and even a soccer field to expend some energy.

2: Baltimore National Aquarium

Who doesn’t live to explore the mysteries of the deep? Baltimore Aquarium has something for all members of your party no matter how young or old.

There are more than 650 species that make their home at the aquarium where you will thrill to the sight of crocs from Australia, blue crabs from Maryland and the always scary piranhas from the Amazon as well as the alleged best dolphin show on the upper East Coast.

3: The Baltimore Museum of Industry

Another great family attraction is the Baltimore Museum of Industry. Engineering challenges like constructing a race car from household items and during the summer months, each weekend is the Brainstorm Challenges that  thrills visitors both young and old.

4: The USS Constellation

The whole gang will enjoy visiting the last battleship of the Civil War that is still afloat.

Kids will identify with the young boys that worked on the ship as “powder monkeys” and parents can get a dose of living Civil War history. As an added bonus, a tour focuses on the Black experience in the navy during the years of the War Between the States.

5: Baltimore Museum of Art

Art aficionados will not want to miss the Baltimore Museum of Art. Chockfull of work by Rinaldo, Van Dyck and other European masters, it is a must see attraction for anyone looking to soak up a little culture.

Though there are many more things to see and do when in Baltimore, Maryland, these 5 attractions are perfect for families traveling to the region. There is something for everyone at each of these attractions and families will be able to explore and learn together.


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