Las Vegas is known for a lot of things but did you know they really step it up when it comes to Halloween? Sin City rolls out the carpet for howling horrors and things that go bump in the night. If you are ready to experience some thrills and chills, head to Las Vegas this Halloween season!

What to See & Do

Haunted houses are in abundance. Check out the Vampire’s Blood Feast, Hillbilly Hell and the Circus of Horrors. Fright Dome is the biggest attraction and can be found at Circus Circus. Meet a Santa that you wouldn’t want bringing you presents at the Hex-mas Nightmare. Christmas gone bad has never been done better.

Elves that greet you cheerily turn into hellves as the chaos gets underway. Animatronics and actors bring the vision by Jason Egan to life or should we say, “Death!”

History of Horror in Las Vegas

In 1992, Duke Mollnar opened the city’s first Halloween attraction. His company is called Freaking Brothers and now is owners of at least 3 houses of horror. He stays away from zombies, blood and guts and instead finds other ways to make his customers scream.

He feels that throwing blood about is an easy way out and is determined to make his haunted houses something that won’t soon be forgotten.

Theatrical illusions are the name of the game at Mollnar’s Halloween attractions. Scenes are chilling and realistic. Those that have visited his first attraction called the Mortuary will get his point as well as they would a scalpel that is razor sharp between the ribs.

You can wander through if you dare, an embalming room, a chapel and the catacombs and he promises that all that you see and experience will be “extremely morbid.”

Getting Real

You can also tour some of Las Vegas’ real haunted houses and not just those that are created for effect. You can experience places that are said to be truly haunted with real ghost sightings thrown in for good measure. Haunted Vegas Tours will take you along with amateur ghost hunters as they highlight some of Las Vegas’ most haunted places.

So if you like to gamble and who doesn’t that visits Las Vegas, take a risk and join a tour that is guaranteed to give you some thrills and chills that have nothing to do with how much money you have lost at the tables.


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