There are so many destinations to choose from once the autumn arrives and these are among the best. You’ll find these locationshave more than enough to see and do to keep you busy for the length of your trip.

1. Maryland, Pennsylvania, USA – The Great Allegheny Passage

Maryland, Pennsylvania, USA

This spectacular rail trail is 141 miles in length and it makes its way through forests and over rivers between the American states of Maryland and Pennsylvania. Most of the trail is constructed on abandoned railroad beds. There are no vehicles allowed and there’s a speed limit of 15 miles per hour for cyclists. It’s quite an historic trail and it passes some picturesque communities such as Frostburg, Maryland. This town is home to the Appalachian Festival, which takes place on the campus of Frostburg State University. There’s a lot of local music and dancing during the fair as well as arts and crafts. There are numerous other historical sites along the route.

2. San Diego, California, USA

San Diego, California, USA

If you want to enjoy a summer or fall vacation without worrying about the crowds, then this is the place to go. The rainy season typically starts here in November, but San Diego County will keep you warm enough in the fall. You’ll be able to swim alongside some amazing marine life at in La Jolla Cove while you may want to give kite surfing a try from Mission Bay Park. There are also plenty of trails and beaches to enjoy inside of San Onofre State Beach. A drive up Highway 101 will give you some excellent coastal views and don’t forget to visit the San Diego Zoo while you’re there.

3. Milford Sound – New Zealand

Milford Sound, New Zealand

One of the best times to visit New Zealand’s Fiordland National Park is in September as the spring weather invades the World Heritage Site at this time of the year. The park sits on the nation’s South Island and it’s the home to the Milford Sound fjord. This is a gorgeous site that features beautifulrainforests, dramatic cliffs, and stunning waterfalls. If you’re lucky you’ll get to see some wonderful creatures such as seals, penguins, dolphins, and sea lions. You can take cruises here and the nearby Southern Alps are quite majestic.

4. England – Portsmouth

England, Portsmouth

Portsmouth sits on England’s scenic south coast and is only about 60 miles south of the capital of London. It’s a bustling port as its name suggests and it has quite a naval and maritime tradition which stretches all the way back to the 9th century. However, it’s also famous for being the former home of Charles Dickens. There are plenty of events to celebrate the 200th birthday of Dickens in the city. One of the most popular event takes place at the city’s museum where the 1800s are brought back to life with a series of exhibits. You won’t want to miss the dockyard since it represents so much British naval history.

5. Japan – Hokkaido

Japan, Hokkaido

This is the second-biggest and most northerly of Japan’s many islands. It’s quite a rugged place when it comes to the landscape. The island’s capital is the famous city of Sapporo, but the rest of the island features so much unspoiled natural beauty. You’ll find some magnificent wildlife sharing the land, such as Hokkaido brown bears and sika deer. You’ll also come across wonderful mountain ranges, lush forests, and some tremendous volcanic lakes. It’s quite a sight when the fall foliage comes and one of the best places to see the colors is the Daisetsuzan National Park, which is the largest in the country. The Shiretoko National Park is also another exceptional site as is Hakodate and Onuma Koen.

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