There are several interesting and fascinating caves to check out in the Central American nation of Belize, with Barton Creek Cave being one of the best of them. This cavern belongs to remote, dark and cool network of underwater caves which is about five miles long.

It can be explored by paddling through the water by canoe and viewing it by a powerful spotlight which you can carry along with you.

The Barton Creek Cave offers a very rich history. Local legends say the Mayan people used use it as a location for a burial site as well as several ritual ceremonies including human sacrifices.

Barton-Creek-CaveWhen canoeing the cave system, you’ll witness some fabulous Mayan artifacts as well as some skeletal remains.

The colorful and interesting formations of stalactites and stalagmites are centuries old and are home to several bats that like to hang around.

The cave is located in Belize’s Cayo district and you can take guided tours there from some local companies. However, you can also explore it by yourself. If you’re adventurous, you can reach the area by hiking through the scenic valleys and hills.

But if you’d rather take an easier way then you can cross the rivers, orange orchards and jungle trails by four-wheel-drive vehicle.

It’s quite an interesting journey as you’ll travel through Barton Creek, which is an Amish community about an hour away from the charming towns of Belmopan and San Ignacio. When you’re exploring the cave, don’t hesitate to dive into the clear, cool water for a swim in the swimming hole.

The surrounding region is also ideal for a host of other activities such as hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding. You’ll be able to enjoy all of these activities at the Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve.

In addition, you’ll also find some fantastic Mayan ruins in the area as well as a botanic garden and the interesting Green Hills Butterfly Ranch.

Barton Creek Cave is a fantastic place to explore and visit any time during the year. However, it’s usually better to go on a dry day as the river levels usually rise when it rains.


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