One of the world’s most famous auto races will be taking place on May 29th when the engines are revved for the annual Indianapolis 500 in the state of Indiana.

The race attracts a live audience of 400,000 race fans at the Brickyard Oval in the Indianapolis Motor Speedway while millions more watch the action and drama unfold on television.

Accelerate Your Engines for the Indianapolis 500-Mile Race

Thirty-three cars take a ceremonial lap and then they explode across the starting line amid hundreds of balloons. The roar of the engines is like music to the ears of race fans and the drivers put the pedal to the medal for the 200-lap event.

The winner then gulps down the traditional bottle of milk at the end of the race.

The 1,025 acre speedway site transforms into a giant outdoor party for the Memorial Day holiday weekend as food and drinks are consumed nonstop. The race is the reason everybody’s there, but there’s also plenty to do before and after the event.

Some of the most popular attractions include the car shows that are held along with the Speedway Museum.

You can also check out Gasoline Alley, which is the famous road that leads to the track from the garages. This allows you to get a close-up look at the drivers and their cars.

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway was built in 1909 and is largest sporting facility in the world as it contains over 250,000 permanent seats for spectators.

The Indianapolis area is very busy on the weekend of the event, but there are many hotels, motels, and campsites for fans. There are also plenty of restaurants to suit all types of travel budgets.

There are many other events planned for the Indy 500 week including tailgate parties, concerts, festivals, parades, marathons, ceremonies, and other auto races.


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