While using wireless broadband technology at home is relatively inexpensive, the same cannot be said for using it abroad, while travelling to Europe, for instance.

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Although wireless broadband has seen a price cut of roughly 50 per cent over the last few years, it remains a technology too expensive to adopt by the average man in the street.

Although surfing the internet abroad with the aid of a wireless mobile device shouldn’t put a consumer back too much, using a wireless broadband device to make use of streaming services is a different story altogether, and could really put a dent in the pocket.

Watching movies or TV online, or downloading large files, such as MP3s, could leave you with a nasty surprise when the bill arrives.

So what can you do if you still want to make use of services that require the use of a lot of data, while travelling abroad, and want to keep the bill low?

There are a few options available. Let’s look at a few.

The first option would be to approach your wireless internet service provider for a special package they may have available for those wishing to make use of wireless broadband while travelling. Find out from them if they do not have a “travel tariff”. They may not have such a package, but it is worth asking. And if it’s not available, there are alternatives.

You may also want to consider purchasing a pay-as-you-go wireless broadband dongle in the country you’re travelling in. This way you ensure you’re getting charged at the best possible rates, and you cannot exceed the data limit of the package you purchased.

A third option, and also the cheapest (although probably the least convenient), is to make use of free Wi-Fi services. In this day and age, Wi-Fi areas are readily available at many hotels and cafes throughout most countries in Europe.

Wireless broadband prices should see more of a drop in price in the not too distant future, but until then, the consumer carries the responsibility of knowing what the best deal is for his pocket.


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