In the current world, surfing has become immensely popular among the individuals of all ages. There are several locations across the world that maintain surfing centers to provide surfing classes for the learners and among them, Europe is the top preferred location.

Surfing within Europe is as diverse as its culture and languages, there are 17 widely recognized surfing countries in Europe that can cater any level of surfer.

Ranging from the sandy beaches of France to hidden coves present within Portugal, every country of the Europe has something to offer for the professional or a novice surfer.

The below is a list of 10 best beginner-friendly surfing places within Europe.

1. North Devon

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The northern part of Devon County is referred as the North Devon. From various locations in North Devon, the Woolacombe and Croyde are two popular Travel destinations that can be ideal for any surfing activity and camping in North Devon.

Croyde is a thrilling place located in North Devon that features stunning sandy beaches and remarkable architecture. This village boasts some widely sheltered locations that will perfectly suitable for board surfing.

Woolacombe is a popular beach that lies on the coastal part of the North Devon. The beach at Woolacombe can be perfect for water sports enthusiasts as they can enjoy surfing against the heavy waves.

2. Portugal

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Portugal is located on the Iberian Peninsula and the beaches that you explore in Portugal are widely recognized for their gigantic waves.

3. Biarritz

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Biarritz is a tranquil town located on the Bay of Biscay. This town is often referred as the ‘surfing capital of Europe’. The Biarritz area has six different beaches that attract both the amateur and professional surfers.

4. San Sebastian

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Located in the Basque country, San Sebastian is the home for few best beaches in the world. La Gaviota is the city’s major beach that is flanked by different surfing schools which train the amateur surfers to improve their surfing skills.

5. Mundaka

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This stunning surf spot is located on the Bay of Biscay is recognized globally for its surfing scene. This city has hosted several international surfing championships.

6. Norway

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Norway is attracting wide number of surfers with its consistent swell and beautiful scenery. The long sandy beaches, granite reefs and boulder reefs will make it the best surf spot in Europe.

7. Fuerteventura

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The Fuerteventura lies within the Canary Islandsand it is widely recognized as the best spot for short board surfing and windsurfing.

8. Lanzarote

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Lanzarote Island is a part of Canary Islands that features wide number of surfing schools. This island is protected by the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

9. Donegal Bay

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This Donegal Bay is situated in Ireland and it can be perfectly suitable for novice surfers. This concave shaped bay will generate some excellent gigantic waves to attract all the professional and amateur surfers.

10. Hossegor

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It’s a premium and popular surfing spot located in France. The dramatic tidal swings and heavy waves that occur in the Hossegor beaches will boost the surfers to visit it very often.


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