For the traditional kind of person spending Christmas at home is the ideal choice for this time of the year. However, in case you are fond of traveling and you would like to experience a new place, new things and meet interesting people while enjoying the holiday here are the best places in US for spending Christmas in a special and why not, different way.



New York is surely the place where everything is bigger and better for any special occasion andChristmas is no different. The lighting of the emblematic Christmas tree at the Rockefeller Center is something worthy to see and so are the beautiful New York shops with their windows decorated with amazing Christmas themes.

Here you can enjoy the traditional Radio City Christmas Spectacular on Broadway and explore all the wonders the Big Apple prepares for holidays each year.

Vegas Style Celebration

Vegas Style Celebration

In case you want to party like you never did for Christmas you should definitely try Las Vegas. The Sin City prepares some interesting surprises meant to entertain the huge crowd those who comes every year to spend Christmas here. You can try ice-skating in Nevada dessert and also see the race specially held for those fond of dressing up like Santa Claus.

Sam’s Town Hotel and Gambling Hall prepares a wonderful white Christmas with state of the artChristmas decorations, laser light show, millions of Christmas lights and even snow.

Old World Christmas

Old world Christmas

In case you are a fan of the good old tradition you should choose Leavenworth, Washington. This town embraces the holiday with a Bavarian air and lovely traditions and customs that seem to descend from the good old days.  Here the Christmas lighting festival gathers people from all over the planet and every day during Christmas time elements from Dr. Seuss’ stories are mixed with European style holiday traditions to offer a special old school celebration for all those fond of how Christmas used to be.

Winter Sports and Real Winter

Winter sports and real winter

For an all-white Christmas filled with both traditional elements and fun choose Colorado. One of the most popular place for practicing winter sports in US invites you to its ski slopes and posh cabins, where Christmas can be enjoyed vacation style. Relax and unwind in front of the most beautiful white scenery where winter is making the land look like in the fairytales. Here you can enjoy the lovely amenities offered in Aspen and Vail, places that offer anything a chic traveler might expect to see for Christmas.


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