The northern coast of California is a beautiful place to visit and there’s even more reason to take a trip there between Nov. 5 and the 15th 2010, as the 10-day Mendocino County Wine & Mushroom Fest will be taking place.

The popular event features excellent mushroom dinners, beer and wine pairing workshops, exhibits, musical performances, a special wine train, and guided mushroom walks.

There are over 3,000 different types of mushrooms grown in Mendocino County, with about 500 of them being edible. Each autumn, starting in October, the mushrooms soak in the rain and begin to flourish.

You’ll find a wide variety of tast mushrooms such as porcinis, Chanterelles, Hedgehogs, Morels, and the very rare Candy Cap mushroom, which actually tastes like maple-syrup and is only found on California’s northern coast.

The festival is definitely the highlight of the region’s mushroom season as everyone in the community chips in to help out and make sure the event is a success. The event is as popular as ever as more people are discovering the wonderful health benefits that mushrooms provide.

The local crops are very delicious and versatile to cook with and it’s no surprise that the Mendocino County Wine & Mushroom Fest is one of the most popular food events in America.

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