Prague is generally regarded to be the most well known city in the Czech Republic, but the nation is filled with enchanting locations. Cesky Krumlov is certainly one of these.

The beautiful town features an old town that’s overflowing with charming shops and cobbled lanes.

Cesky Krumlov

But it the most famous attraction here is the awe-inspiring castle. It’s known by the tourists, but thankfully isn’t overrun by them.

The unspoiled town has the Vltava River running through its veins and the castle dominates the scenery. With a population of just 15,000 people, it sits about four hours to the south of Prague and is basically a fairy-tale town.

It surrounded by magnificent hills in the southern region of the nation and the surrounding countryside is quite pastoral countryside.

It’s always been a popular site over the years and that’s why Slavic, Celtic, and German tribes settled here a few centuries ago. The town was one of the most glamorous in all of Europe during the 16thcentury as aristocrats from all over the continent were attracted to it.

The castle belonged to the Rozmberk family, which controlled the town from it for 300 years up until around 1600. You can take an hour-long escorted tour into the castle to get a close up look at the Bohemian lifestyle the family used to live.

The castle features a round tower which was manned by guards in the medieval days to make sure the citizens had no problems while crossing the river. There is also a bear pit which houses a European brown bear family and a huge colorful garden.

One of the most popular areas of the castle is the Baroque theatre. This is where the Rozmberk family would go to be entertained by local performers. The tour takes you under the stage where you can see the old-fashioned contraptions which were used to change scenery. The Baroque theater in Cesky Krumlov is just one of two in Europe that has been well preserved, with the other being in Stockholm, Sweden.

If you head over the river from the castle, you’ll come to the beautiful Old Town district. This is filled with curved Gothic buildings and wonderful winding streets. The main square can be found in the middle of the Old Town and this is surrounded by Baroque and Renaissance homes from the 12th century. One of the most popular spots for children is the nearby Puppet Museum where youngsters can check out their favorite fairy tale creations.

The dreamy Vltava River is an ideal spot for canoeing as it takes you past Bohemian villages and forests as well as riverside pubs and cafes where you can stop for some splendid local refreshments and dishes. There’s also a fine cycling path which follows the winding river. When the sun goes to sleep for the night, the residents of Cesky Krumlov don’t join it. You’ll find most of them are out having a great time drinking and dining and simply enjoying themselves.

There are several popular summer festivals each year with the Celebration of the Rose, which takes place in June, being one of the biggest. Local residents take the opportunity to celebrate and honor their medieval roots at this event and it’s one huge party. The town also hosts world-class music festivals on a regular basis.

You can visit Cesky Krumlov as a day trip if you’re staying in Prague, but it really deserves to have much more attention afforded it than just a few hours. If possible, spend at least one night there as it’s very easy to see why this splendid town is the second-most visited community in the Czech Republic.


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