If you are type of person who likes to brag about the scars on your body instead of simply showing friends the vacation photos you took, then some cool destinations and the adventures that come with them are exactly the things you need.

So if you want to escape the daily routine, breathe some fresh air and take your trip out of the ordinary some extreme destinations are just the recipe.

This type of traveling is suited for the people who are not patient enough to enjoy a cruise or to listen to a guide’s explanations. Opposite to all these, the destinations, requiring a considerable amount of adrenaline are able to take you out of your comfort zone and to challenge you into grabbing some unforgettable memories.

The British Columbia from Canada has some of the most amazing views from the North America, best enjoyed while skiing. Visiting the town of Revelstoke with a population of only 7,500 people you will have the opportunity to try on the heli-ski.

There are many places where you can be picked up with the helicopter and taken to the near by mountain slopes: Monashee or Selkirk – where you will be able to ski without being disturbed.

Skiing in the woods and extreme snowboarding can also find here the ideal place to be tried. As a plus the weather here favors the people in love with extreme white sports because the snow keeps from December till May every year.
Shark fishing on the Skeleton Coast Park in Namibia is certainly something the adrenalin amateurs should try.

Lately the professional fishing has more and more fans and fishing sharks in Namibia is the type of sport not exactly fitted for the fans of the calm afternoons spent on the shores of a lake.

Namibia got a lot of attention from the general public when Angelina Jolie chose to give birth to her little girl there but the adrenaline junkies come here for years because here they have the chance to fish the bronzy Namibian Sharks.

With a weight of over 200 kg these sharks are quite a handful to catch. The Namibian law is very strict concerning the shark fishing but even for a brief time the satisfaction of capturing such a monster is memorable.

BASE term was born from the acronyms of the structures people can jump from for sports. Building, Antenna, Span or Earth have been joined into BASE and jumping from all of them will get you registered into the extreme sports community.

The late director Carl Boenish has created the BASE term after making famous the filming of the most extreme jumps which were done in the last 30 years.

BASE jumps are often mistaken for parachute jumping but in spite that the parachute used in both cases, the circumstances are very different. The difference comes from the authorities’ point of view, very eager to fine the BASE jumpers and their ground assistance team.

For the best BASE jumps, the least legal issues and also the most beautiful scenery you should consider Lysefjord from Norway the ideal spot for BASE jumping.


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