Beautiful tropical scenery, unique biodiversity, majestic mountains and volcanoes, idyllic beaches and coral reefs – all of these things are at the heart of this fabulous island of Costa Rica.

Your journey to this marvelous piece of paradise will surely be called the journey of your life. Opportunities such as diving sports, hiking and others are just part of the pleasures you will find in this island.

You can also see the stunning nature of Costa Rica in the natural parks of Monteverde Arenal. Don’t miss out to study the coral reef near Karilyo and watch the whales near the Dominica beach.

dominican beach

The treasures of this island offer all kind of possibilities for a memorable experience. For the perfect balance of this exclusive trip will be also able to discover the mighty beauty of the relaxing tropical forests with a special tour. The beaches on the Atlantic coast are also another reason to visit Costa Rica again.

The history and the local tradition will surely leave you amazed of this land of magic and outstanding nature.


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