nairobiAlthough Nairobi is still a relatively new city, which does not offer many historical sites or monuments, it has a charm of its own, which seems to captivate most tourists, who feel strangely at ease in the city, offering a rich multinational society.

It is true that Nairobi does have many cases of crime, but not especially aimed at tourists.

Its climate and altitude offers an ideal refuge from diseases such as malaria, and animals including lions, buffalo and crocodiles.

Just make sure you do not stay out late at night and take care of your belongings by keeping a constant eye on them.

Originally the land around the city was swampland and Nairobi was built as a train stop for the railway running from Mombassa to Kampala in Uganda, eventually it became one of the most important train stops in the country and then went on to be the capital of English East Africa.

The population in Nairobi is extremely poor and many are mutilated, counting a large number of orphaned children, due to the many wars that ravaged the country, this has led to the increase in crime.

The wildlife around Nairobi and in the city’s parks offer spectacular specimens and it is undeniably the world’s most famous safari capital, with the backdrop of the Kilimanjaro visible on clear days. There are also great shopping possibilities and a wide range of international cuisine.

There is however a rich colonial history, which you can experience by visiting the various museums throughout the city, such as the Karen Blixen museum.


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