Germany is a land filled with a unique history and vast landscapes to thrill her visitors.

There is much to do and see in Germany that one visit will not be enough to experience all it has to offer her guests.

One can experience culture that is uniquely German from festivals to food and drink.

Golfers will delight in the wide variety of courses on which to play and history buffs will find enough to keep them busy for weeks if not longer.

The Rhine

The Rhine is one of the most popular destinations for those on holiday. Its beauty is most spectacular and there are a number of impressive sights in which to indulge.

Hiking trails allows visitors to get up close to the German landscape, vineyards are where guests can taste the grapes of Germany and cathedrals and castles that are not to be missed spots of the region.

Though Germany has its fair share of castles, those along the Rhine are especially important. There are some that are in ruins but many more have stood the test of time.


Not far from the city of Frankfurt you can find the vivacious college town of Wurzburg. It is surrounded by splendid architecture and a number of vineyards. Cultural enthusiasts will enjoy such events as the Africa Festival and the Mozart Festival which attracts a number of visitors each year.


Potsdam is one of the cosmopolitan suburbs that are near to the capitol, Berlin. The magnificent and elaborate city is where one can find Sanssouci, a spectacular palace that one can compare with other notable royal European palaces such as Windsor Castle in the United Kingdom and Versailles in France.


Found in the Mosel River Valley, Trier boasts the distinction of being the oldest city in Germany. Its unique past includes an era when Trier was one of the old Roman Empire’s seats.

Built upon ruins, two churches, the Liebfrauenkirche and the Dom St. Peter are two structures that dominate a city that is chock full of amazing ruins.


Berchtesgaden is a quaint town that is a popular winter destination for skiers. Most of the resorts are found along the edges of the Berchtesgaden National Park.

Another popular attraction is the infamous mountain the “Eagle’s Nest” that was one of Hitler’s refuges during World War II. From the “Eagle’s Nest” you can have a birds eye view of the impressive Berchtesgaden region.


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