You’re getting married, and the wedding is soon, but you haven’t yet settled on a spot to exchange vows. You and your loved one want to have your big day in a destination that is new to you, while making it an adventure that you’ll both remember. Here are a few ideas on beautiful places that fit the bill for a destination wedding which we’ll discuss below:

  • Phuket, Thailand
  • Colorado, USA
  • Ireland

Phuket, Thailand

If money is a concern for your wedding, consider having it on the other side of the globe. It sounds backward, but for the value, your money will stretch a lot further in Thailand than it would in the United States. Natural beauty abounds in Phuket, and what can be more exciting and memorable than riding an elephant during your ceremony?


Thai music, dancing, and food are tough to beat, and you’ll find no shortage of incredible resorts, including the Rosewood Phuket, as possible venues for your big day. The area offers fantastic views, white sandy beaches, and an incredible culture, all of which you can include as part of your ceremony.

Colorado, USA

It wouldn’t be fair not to include at least one domestic site on this list, even if it does provide some of the most diverse and majestic landscapes you’ll see. Colorado offers ideal backdrops for our destination weddings, especially if you love the mountains. The Rockies are ideal for a gorgeous view if you are the nature type and enjoy being outdoors.

Colorado has a wide selection of perfect wedding destinations. From mountain retreats and luxurious ranches to wide-open farmlands, you’ll have plenty to choose from. In particular, Dunton Hot Springs provides guests with a sense of traveling internationally, even though it’s a domestic location. If having a wedding overseas doesn’t appeal to you, and you prefer the great outdoors to the big city, Colorado might be just the spot for your destination wedding.


If you’re of Irish ancestry, then perhaps heading to Ireland for your destination wedding is a no-brainer. However, there are more reasons than blood heritage to make the Emerald Isle the spot where you and your loved one exchange your vows. Ireland boasts that it’s home to some of the friendliest people on the planet, and, by the way, you can get married in a castle!

Ashford Castle hosts events that will make you believe you’re in your own fairy tale. The staff provides such high-quality service that you will long remember how perfect the entire wedding was.  Of course, there are other castles from which you can choose, but no matter which one you select, you’re sure to be greeted with amazing countryside views and clifftop vistas.

No matter where you choose to have your destination wedding, you’ll always want a way to commemorate the event. Coordinates Collection offers a wide variety of customized jewelry with a coordinates location and inside engraving. Find the perfect gift for your someone special to help you both remember the place where you committed your lives to one another.


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