Are you planning to visit France in these vacations? Then do not miss the Corsica, which is the fourth largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. It is located to the west of Italy and to the southeast of the France.


The Corsica is well known for its crystal clear seas, white sand shores in the beaches, mountains, spectacular scenery and the dense and thick forests.

Why to include trip to Corsica in France trip?

As it is situated in the Mediterranean Sea latitude, it has good climatic conditions and can make your trip very interesting. The island has an absolute warmth temperature with stunning scenery, which attracts many tourists to the island.

The summer is the most preferred time for visiting the Corsica islands. The coast line is approximately 1000km with 800 beaches, which make your trip more memorable. While exploring in the Corsica Island, you will be astonished with the varied coves [Wonderful beach trips].

The dense and thick mountainous forest areas make the camping and hiking more interesting and satisfying experience for tourists who visit Corsica. The coast line and the seas are most preferred for windsurfing, snorkeling, sailing and surfing [Interesting places for hiking].

The mountains in the Corsica Island have an alpine climate, the summers are hot and the winters are cold. Corsica Islanders enjoys the snow from September to May and this is the preferred climate for skiing for many tourists [Mountain vacation].

There are many famous places to see in the Corsica Island, which vary from Bastia to Balagne.

Famous places in Corsica Island:

Ajaccio: Biggest city of the Corsica Island and the native place of Napoleon Bonaparte. The city is rich with its respective culture and is always filled with different entertainments for the tourists who visit island. The entertainment and activities are all around the clock of the year, which make the Corsica Island trip memorable.

Calvi: This is small town, but most attractive town of the Corsica Island. It is situated between the mountains and the sea which give the Calvi the rich scenery to the tourists. To reach the fine beach area in the Calvi, you need to walk for a half kilometer. This is the birth place of Christopher Columbus. This place is rich for showing its rich cultures which are filled with Jazz concerts to ramble music.

Bastia: This is the coastal town of the Corsica area and is a dynamic coastal place of the island. This is famous for its Baroque’s and the architecture; interiors give an amazing experience to the tourists who visit there.

Bonifacio: This city is much exposed to the open seas and the wild winds blowing from the seas. This is the most popular sight for tourists who visit Corsica in the summer. This town has its own appeal and also beaches, which add charm for the Corsica Island.

Corte: This is located in the heart of the mountains and the lakes of the Corsica, making it as the richest place with different spectacular scenery. The deep valleys, pine and beach forests line on the mountains, giving a geographical characteristic of the place.


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