One of the most bizarre and fun-loving festivals in America is the Kinetic Sculpture Races which take place in Ventura Beach, California. The races feature an odd assortment of people-powered sculptures race against each other along the beach, through the town and then across the harbor. The events feature some wonderful  original designs as well as fantastic, outrageous costumes.

The 13th annual Kinetic Sculpture Races will take place on Oct. 23rd this year and they showcase some of the most quirky aspects of American west coast culture. The vehicles end up racing over a variety of terrains including, sand, mud, land, and water. Extra points are earned by those competitors who have laughing dogs and goggles. There are several different races and after the events spectators are invited to check out the vehicles.

The vehicles can be made of just about anything you can put together and some of them are amazingly creative and artistic.

Several awards are also given out at the end of the busy action packed event. All of the money taken in by the wacky event goes to charity to help mentally ill adults.

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