Your winter vacation is about to come. Therefore, here are few tips how to pack your things, especially if you are going to choose a ski or snowboard destination.

The first thing you should do is to make a list with the things you will need for your winter trip.

One of the most important things to pack is the ski or snowboard waterproof pants, for they will keep your body warm and comfortable. The snow suits and the nylon shell are also a must.

The nylon shell is very proper to wear over warm pants, so take it. The sweaters are something that you can’t go without, since the temperatures are going to be low. A hat is also needed.

It will protect you from the cold. Fleece and turtlenecks should also find place in your luggage, so consider them as a must. In case you are a fan of snowboarding, you should pick up special snowboard equipment.

Don’t forget to buy yourself a special snowboard jacket or parka.

In case you cannot find these in your local store, they surely can be bought in the area you are going.

Any ski resort is offering special equipments to its guests.

The gloves are absolutely necessary for the ski lovers, so consider at least three pairs of gloves for your ski holidays trip.

Don’t forget that except the clothing, you will have to pack the ski or the snowboard gear.

In case you don’t have enough places, send your gear to arrive by Fed Ex, it will save you some extra space. The boots are a must, as well as the ski poles.

The helmet is preferable, for it will guarantee you safety on the slopes. Another issue to think about is the weather in the mountains. It changes fast, so you should take some casual clothing with you. Take some comfortable jeans, scarf, rain jackets and most important of all – waterproof shoes.

The sleepwear will be also needed, so consider some wool sleepwear, in case the temperatures are going to be low.

You should also pack some extra stuff; such as the lip balm and the sun glasses.

Pack also a sunscreen and aloe cream, because your skin will surely get irritated by the low temperatures and the winter sun.

Another thing you should carry on your vacation is the medical insurance card, as well as some maps or guide book for the destination you have chosen. Don’t forget your medications and pack them with the first-aid kit.


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