The Horsens European Medieval Festival in Horsens, Denmark is a great way to travel back in time and discover how Europe used to be centuries ago.

The festival, which will run on August 28th to 29th 2010, takes place on the last Friday and Saturday of the month and attracts thousands of interested visitors.

The historical event will educate visitors on European days gone by through a series of series events, exhibitions, talks, and dramatic realistic re-enactions. The whole town of Horsens gets into the spirit of the festival by transforming the town center into a huge medieval market.

The marketplace features traditional wares and handicrafts for sale and there is a full program of entertainment and activities for people of all ages and families.

These traditional events and displays showcase a wide range of interesting things such as jousting and falconry along with a medieval wedding ceremony.

All through the town you’ll find hundreds of knights, jugglers, jesters, theatre performers, and musicians that are dressed up in traditional medieval costume and suits of armour entertaining the festival goers. You’ll also be able to taste some great food as the stalls are filled Smoked Fresh Cheese, Suckling Pig, Apple Pie, Sour Bread, Beer and Fresh Juice.

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