The ash from the volcano in Iceland has conveniently subsided and it’s a great time of the year to visit the wonderful and interesting country.

One of the best days to be there this year to learn about the nation’s culture is on August 21st 2010, as the annual Reykjavík Cultural Night will be taking place in the capital city.

The event is now ingrained as an essential piece of the city’s cultural scene.

The setting is exceptional as the midnight sun shines down on the city for most of the day and night and people flock to the streets and part in celebration of Iceland’s vibrant and storied culture.

The Cultural Night is filled with revellers of all ages as they take part in the varied and numerous cultural events that take place in and around Reykjavik. The excitement fun and fun brings the city alive and celebrations last well into the next day.

The event features performances, outdoor concerts, fairs, and fireworks, while the restaurants, bars, galleries and shops all stay open late to cater to the huge crowds of celebrating people.

In addition to the festival, the Reykjavík Marathon is also held on the same day and is an ideal way to combine culture and sport in one huge celebration.

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