There are some amazing ruins scattered all over the world and these are five of the most historic and interesting.

1. Roman Forum, Italy

This was once the centre of Rome’s political, royal, and business functions, but the Roman Forum suffered through many years of neglect and re-building. After the fall of the Roman Empire  and before being turned into a tourist attraction, the Forum was actually used for a cattle pasture.

2. The Great Sphinx of Giza, Egypt

This is the world’s oldest monolith statue, which was likely erected in the third millennium B.C. by the Egyptians. Most of it was buried under the sand for hundreds of centuries. However, the whole figure was revealed in 1925 after excavations uncovered it.

3. Mesa Verde National Park, USA

This amazing park sits in the state of Colorado, and it features numerous abandoned cliff dwellings, villages, and houses that were erected by ancient Pueblo citizens called the Anasazi. The ruins date back to about 1200 A.D.

4. Tintagel Castle, England

The ancient Tintagel Castle, located in Cornwall, is linked to the legendary King Arthur. Historians believe the coastal castle was built by Roman invaders and then the Celts erected a fort there. Eventually, the castle was used as a prison, and then left to ruin.

5. Chichen Itza, Mexico

The Mayans constructed this site and it was the ancient Yucatan’s political centre. Over the years they stopped using it and the Spanish conquered Chichen Itza and split the land. However, the Mayans revolted and the Spanish fled the area. The ruins are now owned by the Mexican government, but the land is still privately owned.


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