Picture a long stretch of white sand, coconut trees all around, pristine waters sparkling in the sun, hammocks swinging invitingly in the shade and a ready supply of cocktails. Who wouldn’t want to visit a place, that resembles a little of paradise on earth for their vacation.

Fiji Island

Fiji, with its tropical lagoons, coconut palms, coral reefs, sneaky caves and mighty sand dunes is everything one could dream of in a beach vacation.

With Mother Nature opening its arm to his little piece of heaven on earth, making it her own little place to retreat, in Fiji serenity comes in its most perfect form.

But Fiji is not only about beaches but also offers various other fun activities. Snorkelling, Diving, Jungle trek, Sand Dunes Surfing, Fiji offers them all along with a gracious smile.

The culture of Fiji is blended and synthesised with elements of culture of the aboriginals from Fijian, Indian, European and Chinese nationalities. What defines the unique culture of the locals is their easy going nature and their unique style of underground cooking and their Meke or music that embraces traditional song and dance to tell of legends, love stories, history and spirits of the islands.

Wherever you go in Fiji, you are sure to find the friendliest of locals who are filled with warmth and have an accommodating approach that makes them some of the world’s most affable people and who make the most genuine of attempts to make any vacationer feel at home and make their experience a memorable one.


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