There is always reason why to visit the UK, but this time we are suggesting you to consider one extremely breathtaking place, located in London – Sir John Soane’s Museum.

In case you like the culture trips and journeys, this one is just for you. In the heart of London this museum displays an amazing collection of art works, which are rare and once were part of Sir John personal collection. The story about John Soane is one of the most fascinating stories in the history of art.

He was famous collector and established the museum for “amateurs and students” in the early 19th century. His collection, which is now displayed in the museum contains Egyptian, Renaissance and Classical antiquities, paintings, furniture and stunning amount of nearly 30,000 architectural drawings.

The museum possesses unique architecture and one of the jewels of the museum is the original sarcophagus of Egyptian pharaoh Seti l, which anyone should see. The experts say that Sir John Soane’s museum offers a real amazing touch of the eternal art.


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