Perhaps you already heard the news that two of the biggest U.S. airlines – United and Continental -are facing merger. Many of the passengers are wondering can this merger cause troubles or it simply means the air-lines will offer now more comfort to their clients.

There are already a lot of questions about the merger, which will be completed by the end of 2010. According to the company website, all frequent-flyer miles are still good and the lingering miles will remain valuable.

air traveling

The disturbing news is that the merger will probably cause higher prices. Leading experts are claiming that this merger is actually causing a lot of problems for the travelers – fewer choices, fewer routes and higher fees.

Of course the plans of the company are setting different goals and sound promising. One of these plans is that the company’s new style will be more like United than Continental. For now there is no clear information about prices and routes, but the opinion of the experts leave us thinking whether this merger is a good or bad idea.

There are also a lot of issues, which need to be improved and despite the promises, if the merger means fewer choices this isn’t going to be as good as we thought.


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