vancouverVancouver is a haven for the keen golfer and it is home to many of the best courses in the world including McCleerys and Frazerview as well as the infamous Queen Elizabeth Pitch and Putt.

Most courses have stunning views and every amenity that a golfer needs right at their fingertips.

However carrying a bag of golf clubs is not the only way to take in this magnificent region, there is plenty of history to absorb.

Besides the various museums there are other places of interest such as the Mansion and Gaoler’s Mews.

Probably the best way to get around Vancouver is to rent a car, which means a lot more can be seen and a much bigger area covered. The region is littered with libraries and sites of educational interest.

The climate here obviously lends itself to winter sports of all varieties. Grouse Mountain is popular for cross country skiing and sleigh riding as well as snow boarding.

With the different ranges of mountains comes plenty of hiking trails and cycling up and over tracks that criss-cross the mountainsides. Camping amongst the mountains is also very popular.

For people seeking a vacation of pampering and re energizing of the body and the soul then Vancouver is well known for its spas. They all have many varied treatments to choose from enhancing beauty to relaxing massages all provided by well trained professionals who will work their magic.

For nightlife Vancouver has many great nightclubs and can cover a range of tastes including comedy, jazz and even gay bars combined with an abundance of restaurants and dance bars that cater for every possible music genre.


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