state of maineThe state of Maine is located at the most easterly point of the country although not surprisingly locals, on the other hand, are happy to leave for warmer climes.

To keep things interesting there are a lot of annual competitions and events that take place in throughout the region.

For those that enjoy America, it is recognized for its craggy coastline.

It is a popular destination for skiers during the winter months, healthy competition as well as the relaxation of a mountain slope then the Caribou Bog Ski Race and Tour maybe tempting.

It is staged in Essex Woods and Bangor and lasts over twenty kilometers. Another, much shorter event is the Flying Moose Classic Cross Country Ski race which is open to all ages over ten kilometers.

A free event, held in Ogunquit that is always a lot of fun is the Chocolate Extravaganza, with its mouth watering sandcastle made completely of chocolate standing at over five feet high. There is music by local bands and, of course, as much free chocolate as you can manage without being sick.

Ogunquit itself has lots to offer visitors, including gift shops and art galleries. Not far away there is a festival internationally renowned for Snowmobilers that runs for three whole days.

On the border of Canada and the United States there are hundreds of miles of trails that can be used for this very popular sport, this celebration of Snowmobiling uses every last one of them.

Fisherman is not forgotten, with the annual Ice Fishing Derby at the Pushaw Lake club for Snowmobilers which is held in February. There are many prizes mainly for poundage and the fish most likely to be caught include perch, pike and bass.


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