In case you are wondering where to spend your vacation and you dream about a chill out type of getaway, go for the amazing experience of the Greek Islands.

At first, the Greek Islands may sound too far from the U.S, but actually you will have to take only one plane – the plane that will take you to Greece. There you will travel with a boat, especially if you want to see the Greek Islands.

Of course the capital of Greece and other famous towns have their advantages, but the real charm of Greece is in its islands.

The history and the culture of Greece can be found on many islands. The most popular destinations are Rhodes, Lesvos, Crete, Kos, Samos, Patmos and Santorini. Traveling by boat is a restful experience too.

rhodes island

Here are few tips, if you want to visit the Greek Islands by boat.

The most important thing before traveling is to research more information about the islands you are heading for. You have to find the means of transport and inform yourself about the boat`s timetable.

Don’t go to an island without knowing when the next boat back is. In case you are heading to popular islands, the boats schedule is very comfortable, so you will have a boat every hour.

Typically you can choose between first class, second class or deck. If you are going to Santorini, which is fifteen hours away, don’t hesitate to take the first class cabin, for you will have the chance to rest and sleep.


Booking early will save you nerves, so book before even reaching Greece. Aegina is the most popular dock, therefore keep in a mind it is a busy one, early booking is a must.

Of course there is always another opportunity. You can take one of the hydrofoils, the fastest water transport. Other options are traveling by high speed ferries and catamarans, for they are the cheapest options.

If you are in a rush, take the Flying Dolphins. Remember they operate only when the sea is calm, but they are really fast. Don’t expect too much comfort, for the Dolphins are bouncy, noisy and smelly, but if you want faster transportation, they are the best.

In case you are seeking not so crowded destination, choose the Little Cyclades islands.  The Pano Koufonisi Island has only 366 residents, most of them fishermen, so you can relax and enjoy the calmness of the island.


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